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Twig is a template engine for PHP and it is part of the Symfony2 framework. In Drupal 8 Twig replaces PHPTemplate as the default templating engine. One of the results of this change is that all of the theme_ * functions and PHPTemplate based *. tpl. php files have been replaced by *. html. twig templating files Drupal loads templates based on certain naming conventions. This allows you to override templates by adding them to your theme and giving them specific names.. After adding a template you must rebuild the cache in order for Drupal to discover your new template.. You can debug Twig templates to figure out which templates are being used to output the markup for any given element Drupal 8 custom theme, twig and template. Ask Question Asked 5 days ago. Active 5 days ago. Viewed 30 times 0. I want to display all authenticaed users in a custom template with a custom twig file. All works fine, except that the twig file is not recognized or loaded. My module name is ThemeLoader Here are my files. In directory \modules\custom\ThemeLoader. file: ThemeLoader.info.yml. Image Drupal 8 Adopts Twig Templates Drupal has revamped its template engine for Drupal 8 with Twig replacing PHPTemplate. PHPTemplate had been Drupal's template engine for over a decade and this switch represents Drupal's biggest change to their frontend architecture since 2005. Twig was created by Fabien Potencier, the creator of the Symfony framework, and its improved functionality and. Twig is a flexible, fast and secure template framework or modern engine of PHP which is integrated by the Drupal 8. Twig Theme debugging helps the developers in developing new templates and manipulating existing templates effectively

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As you can see, the implementation is very simple. In this way, you can do the theming for any form, for example, contact form of the site or Views Exposed Filters form with a custom twig file. You have the total control on rendering a form in a Twig template Drupal 8's Twig templates are html.twig templates, which means that you can mix Twig into HTML easier than you could mix PHP and HTML in Drupal 7's PHP templates. Syntax in Twig is somewhat different than PHP, with three main kinds of delimiters: { { }} prints the content of variables or expressions In summary, I just wanted to show the syntax of how to write the if/elseif/else/endif code with Drupal 8 Twig templates, and I hope that example is helpful. drupal. drupal. else. end. syntax. templates. then. uri. elseif. twig. drupal 8. endif. How to get the URI of the current node in a Drupal 8 Twig template theme file. Drupal 8 Twig templates comments syntax . How to disable Drupal 8 Twig.

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  1. In Drupal 8, there is no theme_render_template() function, since the template engine was switched to Twig in this issue.And until today, there was no change record indicating the fact that the handy theme_render_template() had been replaced by a new, equally-handy twig_render_template() function! Thanks to some help from Tim Plunkett, I was able to find this new function, and after he pushed.
  2. Twig is a template framework and is a direct replacement for PHPTemplate. Unlike PHPTemplate which was developed in-house by Drupal developers, Twig comes from the wider PHP world. Twig was created created by SensioLabs, the same people who develop the Symfony2 framework. Drupal 8 is using Symfony2 to overhaul its codebase. Because Twig is.
  3. I'm trying to make a twig template to get a variable from a custom block, when I do a {{ dumb() }} it shows me the variables and their values but when I call for the variable it won't show it, even..
  4. Theme system overview Functions and templates for the user interface that themes can override
  5. How to use the inline templating system (inline_template) of drupal 8 render array with a inline twig template
  6. See this page for more information on auto-escape in Drupal 8. source: Filters - Modifying Variables In Twig Templates. The raw filter marks the value as being safe, which means that in an environment with automatic escaping enabled this variable will not be escaped if raw is the last filter applied to it. source: Twig's official doc

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Following up on the first blog post on Theming in Drupal 8 with Twig, this second part will cover Twig's syntax. In order to explain these changes more clearly I want to compare the known PHPTemplate syntax with the new Twig template syntax. All examples mentioned in this blog post are based on the latest development state of the Drupal 8 Twig Sandbox. Usually themers only have to care about. Wir entwicklen Ihre Drupal Webseite & Webshop schnell, zuverlässig & termintreu Drupal 8 surprises us by its new features. Instead of our custom PHP Template, we will use the Twig Template.That is, if we used templates *.tpl.php before, then we will now use *.html.twig files.. Twig - is a compilation handler of open source templates, written in PHP programming language.. Let's look at what are the benefits of Twig: One of the main advantages - is the speed

in this post, I'll show you how to loop images in Twig and dynamically adding image styles to them in Drupal 8. Use an image style in a Drupal 8 twig template | CodimTh Skip to main conten Drupal 8. In Drupal 8, Twig allows you to eloquently extend a template and only change the part that you need. The rest of the code remains in the parent template. There is no code duplication! You need two things to extend templates: Blocks; Extends; Blocks. If you add a Twig block to a template, the code inside it will be swappable in the child template (the one that extends it). There is. Create twig template templates/codimth.html.twig <p>Test twig template!</p> {% for user in users %} <p>{{ user.mail }}: {{ user.username }}</p> {% endfor %} Next steps. Clear your Drupal 8 caches. To do this I use this Drush command: drush cr if you don't currently use Drush, I highly recommend using it, or the Drupal Console

Disabling Twig's Template Cache in Drupal 8. Submitted by matt_eaton on Tue, 12/22/2015 - 05:11 AM. Tags. Drupal; Lately I have been working with Drupal 8 trying to get my head around what it takes to create a production application in the latest version of Drupal. One of the very first snags I hit was theming. Working with the theme system in Drupal 8 is quite a bit different from Drupal 7. Code snippet that can help you print entity reference values in twig template in drupal 8. Example 1 - limited field: {{ node.field_REFERENCE_NODE.entity.field_name.value }} Example 2 - unlimited field Debugging Twig templates; Drupal 8 Video Tutorial: How to Get Started with Xdebug using PHPStorm with Docksal; Docksal: All-purpose web-development environment based on Docker and Docker Compose; Composer; Twig Date; PHP Date formatters; Tags. DRUPAL TWIG DRUPAL 8 TUTORIAL THEMING PLANET DRUPAL. Danny Englander . Danny Englander. Web Developer, Designer, & Photographer. Share This Post. Tweet.

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  1. First tried to do it in a twig template but I don't know how to call php functions in a twig template, so that didn't turn out too well. Then I called the function in the preprocess_page() function in the .theme file but before I could get it to work I tried something simpler just to try make a variable work inside the twig template which didn't work either, for example: In the template.
  2. Default view template to display all the fields in a row. Available variables: view: The view in use.; fields: A list of fields, each one contains: . content: The output of the field.; raw: The raw data for the field, if it exists.This is NOT output safe. class: The safe class ID to use.; handler: The Views field handler controlling this field.; inline: Whether or not the field should be inline
  3. Hi, You can use return your render array on a page, block instead of : return array('#markup' => 'Your html'); Page example, Block exampl

Master list (in progress) of how to get parts of fields for use in Twig templates. I'm always having to look these up, so I thought I'd hash them out and write them down. UPDATED: March 28, 2018 to add more fields, fix errors, and re-organize the content. UPDATED: Jan 16, 2020 to add Link field type Twig is the default template engine for Drupal 8. If you want to make changes to the markup that Drupal outputs you're likely going to need to know at least some Twig. In this tutorial, we will outline the role that Twig now plays in Drupal, how Twig impacts the theming experience, and where to find additional resources for learning Twig How to add page templates for content types in Drupal 8 The problem . Sometimes you need to create a page template for a specific content type so that you can customise it. Drupal allows you to create content types for node templates out of the box by following the naming convention node--content-type.html.twig. But things aren't so simple for page templates. Drupal does not automatically. As many of us know, Drupal 8 beta was released at the beginning of October which has given us a great preview of the goodies to come. One of those goodies is a new theme engine, Twig, which replaces PHPTemplate.Twig gives us a lot of extra power over our templates and allows us to clean up a lot of the extra cruft that PHPTemplate forced us to add

Create a twig template node--article--pdf.html.twig (replace article with machine name of your content type) Update your_theme.info.yml and your_theme.libraries.yml as suggested in Entity Print in Drupal 8 so you can control the theme and assign a css file only for print; Copy and add entity-print.html.twig to your subtheme; Using node--article--pdf.html.twig, you can control whatever variable. The easiest way to work with Twig templates is to allow Drupal and the Twig debug settings we enabled earlier to do the entire work for us. So what do I mean? Begin by navigating to the homepage and inspecting the markup using Chrome's developer tools. Locate the section of markup where we see the div element with a class of layout-container, as shown in the following image

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Unlike most of Drupal's templates, Views do not provide a file name suggestion for overriding Twig templates. So how do we know exactly what to name our template? View templates can be created in a variety of ways, but the easiest way to remember this is by following this rule 48 videos Play all Drupal 8 Layout and Theming Course Acquia Custom twig Attributes in Drupal 8 - Duration: 10:11. Drupal Up - Drupal 8 Video Tutorials 974 view

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Drupal 8 solution: You will rewrite field with its own value and use upper Twig filter. It will look this way: More advanced Twig expressions. Usecase: Show content of field conditionally or conditionally show content one of two fields. Drupal 7 solution: Preprocessing or some naughty things in templates. Drupal 8 solution: Use Twig expressions : In Drupal 8 Twig templates give extra power to drupal to add dynamic content in twig style, In this tutorial we can see how we can add the custom menu classes to menu ul li using menu.html.twig. drupal 8. How to create the directories and sub directories in one command linux. Many times we are want to create multiple directories and sub-directories under it and usually we do cd and mkdir one. Hallo zusammen, in einer Drupal 8 Installation habe ich für die Startseite ein eigenes Template page--front.html.twig erstellt. Darin wird der gesamte gerenderte Content durch diesen Codeblock ausgegeben In this tutorial we will see use of Twig keywords in our Drupal 8 template , We will create custom node template file and see how to use Twig syntax . I have created Basic page node type and my node id is 4 , You can get the node id when you edit the node

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Displaying different dates here and there in a site is a common task. Let's see some examples how to handle it in Drupal 8 Twig! During this tutorial we will work in the page.html.twig file. O Drupal 8: Make beautiful Views Exposed Filters form with a custom twig template and bootstrap formatting 8 Dec.2018 Sometimes we need to build a rather complex search form with many options Drupal 8 + Twig integration eliminates the need for copying and pasting base or parent theme template files into your custom templates. Similarly to how Sass and Less simplifies your CSS workflow with the @extend directive, Twig will drastically cut down the amount of template files and code you need to organize your theme Create beautiful responsive Drupal 8 websites using Twig; Quickly master theme administration, custom block layouts, views, and the Twig template structure ; A step-by-step guide to the most common approaches in web design; Book Description. Drupal 8 is an open source content management system and powerful framework that helps deliver great websites to individuals and organizations, including.

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  2. Drupal 8 Twig snippets for Visual Studio Code. This extension adds 8 useful twig snippets that can be used with Drupal 8. These snippets were extracted from the Functions - in Twig Templates documentation. Installation. To install this extension use the following steps
  3. If you ever need to write a string starts with comparison in Drupal 8 Twig templates, I just used this approach in a node.html.twig template file and I can confirm that it works: {% if uri starts with '/foo' %} More accurately, what I did was to first get the URI for the current Drupal node, and then I perform that test: {# (1) get the uri for the current node #} {% set uri = path.
  4. g Drupal 8 with Twig. A guide to template structure, inheritance... Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit. Loading... Unsubscribe from Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit?.
  5. [Drupal 8 Twig cheatsheet] #tags: drupal8, twig, cheatsheet - drupal_8_twig_cheatsheet.md. Skip to content. All gists Back to GitHub. Sign in Sign up Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. raphaellarrinaga / drupal_8_twig_cheatsheet.md. Last active Jul 29, 2020. Star 33 Fork 14 Code Revisions 39 Stars 33 Forks 14. Embed. What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website.

I was very excited when the community decided to use Twig as the new template engine for Drupal 8. Twig offers many performance and security improvements to Drupal. Additionally, it is a flexible template engine, allowing us to extend the base features (tags, filters), and create our own. October 14, 2015 at 11:15 PM . Twig Filters for Drupal 8. Over the last few weeks, I've been busy. Cet article est extrait de notre formation drupal 8 de Drupal 7 à Drupal 8 à destination des développeurs. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour en savoir plus !. Au revoir PHPTemplate, bonjour Twig.Mais ça n'est pas tout. Le responsive étant beaucoup plus présent dans cette nouvelle version de Drupal, les thèmes de base Bartik et Seven se basent sur un nouveau thème Classy qui a. Drupal has revamped its template engine for Drupal 8 with Twig replacing PHPTemplate. PHPTemplate had been Drupal's template engine for over a decade and this switch represents Drupal's biggest change to their frontend architecture since 2005. Twig was created by Fabien Potencier, the creator of the Symfony framework, and its improved functionality and security has bee Render a Drupal node in drupal 8 twig template and module PHP code is a bit different from Drupal 7 because Drupal 8 uses Symfony and twig format, follow the step and you will available to render a node in Drupal 8 templates Step 1. create hook_preprocess_page in your yourtheme.theme fil

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When creating re-usable theme templates in Drupal 8 it's quite easy to include that template by using the following snippet. {% include directory ~ '/templates/parts/footer.html.twig' %} This assumes that your footer.html.twig template file is kept in the same theme as the template you are working on Twig Templates Overriding in Drupal 8 Posted By : Vishal Yadav | 17-Jul-2019. html Overriding templates . You can override Drupal templates by adding templates to your theme folder. To override templates you need to: Locate the template you want to override. Copy the template file from its core location into your theme folder. Rename the template according to the naming conventions in order to. Forms are manipulated in Drupal 8 predominantly by using services, twig templates and yaml files, rather than hooks. Hooks are still used, but the code in the hooks is limited in comparison with Drupal 7. Events on the other hand have become much more important This tutorial is designed to address relatively advanced use cases when theme developers want to create links to content outside of the template's scope. This seldom occurs in templates. If you're editing the template for a specific entity type, example node.html.twig, there will almost always be a {{ url }} or similar variable that you can use to link to the entity i

This session will present a beginner's guide and demo on how to use GraphQL in Twig. Decoupled Drupal is the future, but learning an entirely new stack can be daunting. Writing GraphQL inside Twig templates gives developers a path to an accessible progressive-decoupled approach. This session will introduce GraphQL queries and demonstrate the advantages of changing the Drupal If we look at our themes templates folder, we can see that we have created quite a few Twig templates. If we look at our themes templates folder, we can see that we have created quite a few Twig templates. This website uses cookies and other tracking technology to analyse traffic, personalise ads and learn how we can improve the experience for our visitors and customers. We may also share. Drupal 8 theme layer changes Template process layer is gone! 5:00 - 8:00. The main reason for the process layer was to flatten strings into HTML. In Drupal 8 we prefer lazy rendering things as late as possible, which usually gets called from the template. Theme functions are being converted to Twig templates (and other formats). 8:00.

Drupal 8 is using Symfony2 to overhaul its codebase. Twig was the right choice to use for Drupal themes. Using Twig in Drupal Twig is the default templating engine in Drupal 8. One of the results of this change is that all of the theme_* functions and PHPTemplate based *.tpl.php files have been replaced in by *.html.twig template files After the official release, more and more Drupal developers are interested in learning about the new features of Drupal 8. So here is a chance to learn more about the Twig template engine in the newest blog post from our developer, the author of the popular posts on confuguration in Drupal 8 and tips for Drupal 8 developers.Here we go Drupal Views and Twig templates Unlike most of Drupal's templates, Views do not provide a file name suggestion for overriding Twig templates. So how do we know exactly what to - Selection from Drupal 8 Theming with Twig [Book Die Template Engine Twig wird wahrscheinlich optionaler Bestandteil von Drupal 8. Fabien Potencier hatte bereits im März gezeigt, dass Symfony und Drupal 8 eng miteinander verbunden sein werden. Nun wurde offiziell bekanntgegeben, dass insbesondere Drupals Theme-System dank Twig sicherer gestaltet werden wird If you ever need to write a string starts with comparison in Drupal 8 Twig templates, I just used this approach in a node.html.twig template file and I can confirm that it works: {% if uri starts with '/foo' %} More accurately, what I did was to first get the URI for the current Drupal node, and then I perform that test: {# (1) get the uri for the current node #} {% set uri = path.

Twig Filters: Modifying Variables in Drupal 8 Template Files. Posted on November 18, 2014 by Joe Shindelar. Something that's super fun about my job is that occasionally I get tasked with things like, Learn how Twig works so you can tell us how it fits into our curriculum plans. And I get to spend some time exploring various new features in Drupal 8, with an eye towards being able help. If you know how to make a content type template in drupal 7 then you can easily understand in drupal 8, Here there is not much change except that the template is in twig format. For creating the content type template in drupal 8 you have to do two things : 1) Add this code in your mytheme.theme file in your working theme folder : Drupal Views and Twig templates. Managing popular versus recent content. Adding the About Us block. Summary. Theming Our Blog Detail Page. Theming Our Blog Detail Page . Reviewing the Blog detail mockup. Previewing our Blog detail page. Creating a Post Full template. Working with comments. Implementing social sharing capabilities. Summary. Theming Our Contact Page. Theming Our Contact Page.

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I will now discuss how you can enable Twig debugging. This is a very useful feature in Drupal 8 that allows theme developers to check which markups come from what template files. Enabling the Twig debugging is a fairly simple and straight-forwards task. Here is how you could do it: Go to the folder sites/default in the Drupal Note: If have any suggestions or issue regarding 'How to find substring in string Twig Template drupal 8?' then you can ask by comments. By Sahil Girhotra at April 30, 2019. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: find string in url in twig file, render, string find in twig, substring find in url, twig file, twig template, url('<current>, variable. Get this from a library! Drupal 8 Theming with Twig.. [Chaz Chumley] -- Master Drupal 8's new Twig templating engine to create fun and fast websites with simple steps to help you move from concept to completionAbout This Book Create beautiful responsive Drupal 8 websites. Read more about Inline template with Drupal 8 and Twig; Add new comment; Render Custom field with Drupal Renderer. Submitted by editor on Fri, 05/20/2016 - 12:50. Tags. Drupal 8; Code; Twig; Images ; Example 1, with FieldPluginBase (\Drupal\views\Plugin\views\field\FieldPluginBase) Read more about Render Custom field with Drupal Renderer; Add new comment; Add twig template to a custom Module.

Twig template files. PHPTemplate has now been replaced by Twig, so instead of *.tpl.php template files, they are now all *.html.twig template files. But the underlying mechanism of overriding templates with increasing specificity (based on naming convention) still apply in the world of Drupal 8. How this works is covered right here By Mauricio Dinarte The addition of Twig has revolutionized the way we do theming in Drupal 8. Although very powerful, it is still fairly new to most of us. Using Twig requires us to take a new. Including markup into a separate reusable twig template - Duration: 8:22. Drupal Up - Drupal 8 Video Tutorials 687 views. 8:22. Drupal 8 Layout and Theming, Lesson 37: Create services content type.

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Debugging Twig templates in Drupal 8 Kint Mon, 02/22/2016 - 08:45 | 1920 Views. One of the most frequent task in development for Drupal is debugging elements that are about to be printed, the most fundamental method to get the debug values is using functions print and print_r. However, with the arrival of Drupal 8 everything change and the usage of that functions is not possible. To resolve. The fact that Twig templates in Drupal 8 do not parse PHP is also an inherent security boost. As a simple example, a malicious developer could offer free Drupal 7 themes and add malicious code in any template in the theme, and it could feasibly run on every page

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In the recent post Twig for Drupal 8 Development: Twig Templating Part 1, we covered some Drupal Twig templating basics like debugging, custom templates, inheritance, variables, filters, attributes, and macros.This post will cover more advanced topics. You will learn about preprocessing variables, expanding the available templates with theme suggestion, Drupal 8 Views and Twig, and the Twig. 4.1 Understanding drupal template files . If you're asking how Drupal renders the html of your theme, the answer is the template files. They are all named with the extension .html.twig. This is a new update in D8. Since in D8 Twig replaces PHP engine of D7, all of the tpl.php template files are changed to .html.twig. And these files are placed. Drupal 8 node.html.twig ファイルについて . node.html.tiwgは、page.html.twigの Drupal 8 テーマにスタイルシートの追加方法. ここではテーマにスタイルシートを追加する方法を説明します。 最近の人気のコンテンツ. amazon Kindle Unlimitedの解約(退会)方法について. amazonの電子書籍読み放題サービス.

Twig is the theme template engine in Drupal 8. Like any code, there are guidelines and standards that dictate both the style and the structure of the code. In this tutorial we will explain how to adhere to the Drupal code standards while implementing Twig templating. By the end of this tutorial you will be able to adhere to Drupal's coding standards when writing Twig, and kno Read more about Create a Flag link programmatically and render flag link in twig template drupal 8; Add new comment; Import and Export Drupal 8 Views, Or Import and Export any configuration Drupal 8. Import and Export configuration is the basic protocol to staging the website or production website deployment, In Drupal 7, we need the extra modules to import and export or we can use features.

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Creating and customising themes in Drupal 8 is easy because of a modern template engine for PHP named Twig, which is a part of the Symfony 2 framework. Moving from a PHP template to Twig, and from the INI format to YAML, are some of the main changes in Drupal 8 theming. These changes in Drupal 8 have improved the security and inheritance, making theming more distinguished. With reference to. Im Twig-Template hast Du ja die for-Schleife über rows. Anmelden oder Registrieren um Kommentare zu schreiben; Hallo Stefan Vielen Dank für. Eingetragen von marco-s (21) am 15.02.2016 - 14:09 Uhr. Hallo Stefan. Vielen Dank für deine rasche Antwort und den Input. Das Problem ist aber, dass ich zwingend im node-Template wissen muss, in welchem Durchlauf ich mich befinde. Könnte ich im. With Drupal 8, we have attempted to solve this problem using input.html.twig. This Twig file is the base for every input type you see on a Drupal form. However, the theme suggestions are still lacking, you could for example use input--submit.html.twig to modify all the submit type buttons. But this may feel like overkill when you need something for just a single form. Thankfully this is not a.

How to write if/then/elseif/else in Drupal 8 Twig templates

This is the Bartik theme from Drupal 8.1. There is a templates folder containing twig files for everything: pages, nodes, fields, and blocks. Images and CSS are in their own separate folders. In a component-centric theme, they would be organized so that items that are specific to a component are grouped together. In this example the folder contains a components folder with subfolders specific. Drupal 8 provides the option to override all templates that are producing HTML mark-up so that you can control the whole structure of mark-up using twig. To know which template is producing the mark-up for a particular element, you can use Twig's built in debug option. The Twig engine allows for configuring debugging, automatic reloading (recompiling) of templates, and caching compiled. Der bisherige Stand der Entwicklung ist in der Drupal-8-Twig-Sandbox zu sehen. Ziel soll es sein, alle Core-Templates und die damit verbundenen Theme-Funktionen auf jeweils ein Twig-Template zu reduzieren und somit das Theme-System zu vereinfachen. Ein gutes Beispiel dafür liefert das Stark-Theme aus der Drupal-8-Twig-Sandbox - hier werden sämtliche Administrationsseiten über eigene Twig.

How do you add a class to a Twig template in Drupal 8

Sie können Sie überprüfen ob Fields in Twig-Templates leer sind oder Inhalt haben. Man sollte nicht glaube, wie umständlich es doch ist in Twig/Drupal 8 herauszubekommen, ob ein Field Inhalt hat. Leider kann man dabei nicht einfach das Feld abfragen, sondern muss sich eines kleinen Tricks bedienen. Folgender Code prüft dabei, ob das Feld. description: Drupal 8 Test Theme type: theme core: 8.x base theme: false libraries: page.html.twig habe ich komplett leer gemacht. Was müsste ich noch tun, um ein leeres Template vor mir zu haben? Weiß das jemand? ‹ PHP-Code in Content einfügen Problem bei Bildeigenschaften › Anmelden oder Registrieren um Kommentare zu schreiben; Außen herum spielt erst mal. Eingetragen von wla (8889. Drupal 8 and twig changed it all! A complete overhaul of the theme system started 3 years ago - PHPtemplate is now out the door, the twig template system is implemented, and most importantly, the core idea of how the front end is build has done a 180° from how Drupal 7 handled theming. This means: No more divitis; No more Class soup; No more of Drupal's standard markup and classes; No more.

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Drupal 8 Views Template überschreiben In diesem kleinen Tutorial beschreiben wir wie man Drupal 8 Standard-Views überschreibt und das Markup seinen eigenen Wünschen nach anpasst. Wurden in der Drupal-Vorgängerversion 7 die Informationen zum Individualisieren des View-Templates noch mit angezeigt, ist es besonders für Neueinstiger nun nicht mehr auf Anhieb erkenntlich wie die Anpassung. Drupal 8 - Template - Übersetzungen. Eingetragen von thomlines (2) am 15.03.2016 - 16:19 Uhr in . Übersetzungen; Drupal 8.x ; Hallo, ich denke ich übersehe etwas. aber wie kann man Texte welche man im Template (Twig) direkt hinterlegt hat danach Übersetzen? Text wurde im Twig Template schon (hoffentlich) richtig implementiert: {% trans %} TEXT {% endtrans %} Aber wo kann ich diesen nun.

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