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$date = new Zend_Date ($locale) ; But this has one big negative effect. You will have to set your locale object within every class using Zend_Locale. This could become very unhandy if you are using multiple classes Zend_Locale_Format provides several methods for working with dates and times to help convert and normalize between different formats for different locales

Since Zend Framework 1.7.0 Zend_Date does also support the usage of an application wide locale. You can simply set a Zend_Locale instance to the registry like shown below. With this notation you can forget about setting the locale manually with each instance when you want to use the same locale multiple times. // in your bootstrap fil Use Zend_Date for simplicity Month: Returns a localized list of all month names for this locale. If you omit the value you will get the normally used gregorian full name of the months where each month number is used as key and the translated month is returned as value. You can get the months for different calendars and formats if you give an array as value. The first array entry has to be the. Zend Framework allows the usage of an application wide locale. You simply set an instance of Zend_Locale to the registry with the key 'Zend_Locale'. Then this instance will be used within all locale aware classes of Zend Framework. This way you set one locale within your registry and then you can forget about setting it again Zend_Date / Zend_Locale : Change date format for a specific locale? Ask Question Asked 8 years, 11 months ago. Active 6 years, 9 months ago. Viewed 3k times 2. 1. Is it possible to instruct Zend_Locale that it should use a certain locale, except for a minor alteration to the date format? I don't want to use the Zend_Date::toString() with the specific formatting, because that would use this.

Grundsätzliche Zend_Date Operationen für die meisten Teile von Daten Die Methoden add(), sub(), compare(), get() und set() arbeiten generell mit Daten. In jedem Fall wird die Operation auf dem Datum durchgeführt, das in der Objektinstanz vorhanden ist Returns a new instance of Zend_Date with the selected part copied. To make an exact copy, use PHP's clone keyword. For a complete list of supported date part values look into the docu. If a date part is copied, all other date parts are set to standard values. For example: If only YEAR is copied, the returned date object is equal to 01-01-YEAR 00:00:00 (01-01-1970 00:00:00 is equal to timestamp. Zend_Locale and setLocale() PHP's documentation states that setlocale() is not threadsave because it is maintained per process and not per thread. This means that, in multithreaded environments, you can have the problem that the locale changes while the script never has changed the locale itself

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  1. Translation 96.1% Update 2010-11-28 - Revision 23448 - Version ZF 1.11.x. Chapter 43. Zend_Locale; Prev : Part III. Zend Framework Reference Nex
  2. Any way to know if someone is using 24 hour or 12 hour time format with Zend locale. I would like to create a custom form and pass this information along for time input. Thanks. Edit Came up wit..
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  4. ed than those I was.
  5. I am trying to get the current week number with Zend Framework. In France, weeks are defined like this : A week begins on Monday (whereas weeks begin on Sunday in the US). The first week of the y..
  6. Ttranslation 27.4% Update 2010-11-28 - Revision 23238 - Version ZF 1.11.x. Глава 43. Zend_Locale; Пред. Часть III. Zend Framework Referenc

Why GitHub? Features →. Code review; Project management; Integrations; Actions; Packages; Securit Every application has a locale, even if that is just the locale of the author. Through the use of locals you can make your application aware of what sort of language, currency and even timezone that the user would like to see. In Zend Framework this is accoumplished via Zend_Locale. There are many things to do with locale once, but first you need to determine where the user is based

Zend_Locale - Backend support of locales available for localization support within other ZF components.. Zend_Translate - Translating of strings.. Zend_Date - Localization of dates, times.. Zend_Calendar - Localization of calendars (support for non-Gregorian calendar systems) . Zend_Currency - Localization of currencies.. Zend_Locale_Format - Parsing and generating localized numbers Traducción al 26.9% - Actualizado el 2011-11-16 - Revisión 24249 - Versión ZF 1.11.x. Capítulo 43. Zend_Locale; Anterior : Parte III. Referencia de Zend Framewor A new locale can be set with the function setLocale(). This function takes a locale string as parameter. If no locale is given, a locale is automatically selected. Since Zend_Locale objects are light, this method exists primarily to cause side-effects for code that have references to the existing instance object

Zend_Locale is the Frameworks answer to the question, How can the same application be used around the whole world? Most people will say, That's easy. Let's translate all our output to several languages. However, using simple translation tables to map phrases from one language to another is not sufficient. Different regions will have different conventions for first names, surnames, salutory. Is it possible to instruct Zend_Locale that it should use a certain locale, except for a minor alteration to the date format? I don't want to use the Zend_Date::toString() with the specific formatting, because that would use this format on all locales. Case in question: I have dates formatted according to a user's locale setting. My fellow. Startseite; Forum; Webentwicklung; PHP Einsteiger; Wichtig: Vor dem Einloggen muss ein neues Passwort erstellt werden. Siehe auch Lockdown 07.06.2020 - alle Passwörter zurückgesetzt Lockdown 07.06.2020 - alle Passwörter zurückgesetz

Ich habe heute zum erstenmal ein 5.4.1 Shopware auf meinem Server als Evaluationssystem installiert. Alles lief im Backend reibungslos. Einzige Meldung, der aus der Reihe fiel ist: IonCube: missing or unsupported version installed (only needed for encrypted third-party plugins Zend Framework provides support for these through a combination of components, including Zend_Locale, Zend_Date, Zend_Measure, Zend_Translate, Zend_Currency, and Zend_TimeSync. Tip. Zend_Locale and setLocale() » PHP's documentation states that setlocale() is not threadsave because it is maintained per process and not per thread. This means that, in multithreaded environments, you can have the.

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Startseite › Archive › Shopware 3.5 › Installation / Getting started › Tägliche Error-eMails: failed to receive data from locale en cyberbuy24 Mitglied Kommentare: 4 Oktober 2014 Danke erhalten: 0 Mitglied seit: Oktober 2014 bearbeitet Oktober 201 how to set custom locale in zend framework by create a function in bootstrap file? I need to change error messege in zend form. Thanks for suppor This means, that when you set Zend_Date to use the PHP notation, you should not use Zend_Date 's constants, but define the wished format manually. If you don't follow this recommendation, you can get unexpected results ; Bin für jeden Tipp dankbar! Mit Zend_Date::ISO_8601 bekomme ich nur Exceptions wie Unable to parse the date format string 'ISO_8601' at letter 'O' Despite Zend_Date's power. In this example, we get or set dates in different timezones. We display parts of dates and times in various formats. We also get informations on sunrise and sunset in several locations. Components used in this example. Zend_Cache; Zend_Date; Zend_Date_Cities; Zend_Locale; Zend_Registr

  1. Zend Framework [5] - Zend_DateとZend_Locale 入門 . 2007.11.26 Author: Jas システムを構築するときには必ずといってよいほど使われるのが日付関連関数。 今回はZend Frameworkの日付関数について紹介します。 まずは、現在の日時を表示させてみましょう。 require_once 'Zend/Date.php'; // デフォルトタイムゾーン(サマー.
  2. Elle est ensuite utilisée dans de nombreuses classes comme Zend_Date ou Zend_Translate pour afficher une date ou un message dans la bonne langue. Ce tutoriel montre un exemple d'utilisation simple de Zend_Translate en conjonction avec Zend_Locale. Nous avons utilisé des fichiers CSV pour les traductions parce que c'est plus simple à manipuler. Ca n'est pas forcément idéal pour un projet.
  3. Willkommen im Zend Framework Forum. ZF1 Zend Framework 1 + ZF2 Zend Framework 2. Das Zend Framework Forum ist seit 2006 die erste Anlaufstelle für Zend Framework Entwickler in Deutschland. Mit über 70.000 Beiträgen und einer steigenden Nutzerzahl bietet das Forum hilfreiche Themen und ZF-Tutorials für professionelle Entwickler, fortgeschrittene Programmierer sowie Zend Framework Einsteiger
  4. Date Validator. Zend\Validator\Date allows you to validate if a given value contains a date.. Supported options. The following options are supported for Zend\Validator\Date:. format: Sets the format which is used to write the date.; locale: Sets the locale which will be used to validate date values.; Default date validation. The easiest way to validate a date is by using the default date.
  5. Spis treści. 41.1. Wprowadzenie 41.1.1. Co to jest lokalizacja 41.1.2. Czym jest locale 41.1.3. Jak locale są reprezentowane 41.1.4. Wybranie odpowiedniego locale
  6. For more information about handling localization and normalization, please refer to Zend_Locale. Zend_Date also supports abbreviated names of months in many languages. Zend_Locale facilitates the normalization of localized month and weekday names to timestamps, which may, in turn, be shown localized to other regions
  7. 第26章 Zend_Date; 第27章 Zend_Db; 第28章 Zend_Debug; 第29章 Zend_Dojo; 第30章 Zend_Dom ; 第31章 Zend_Exception; 第32章 Zend_Feed; 第33章 Zend_File; 第34章 Zend_Filter; 第35章 Zend_Form; 第36章 Zend_Gdata; 第37章 Zend_Http; 第38章 Zend_InfoCard; 第39章 Zend_Json; 第40章 Zend_Layout; 第41章 Zend_Ldap; 第42章 Zend_Loader; 第43章 Zend_Locale; 第44章 Zend_Log.

My locale is set to France but the advanced search only works in US format. I've made a custom attribute (date type) and add it to the advanced search. And there are 3 problems: The datepicker (default) works in US format no matter which locale I set (the Datepicker translation is ok) The advanced search only works in US format. If I modify the format (url values) from mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy I. Lo Zend Framework infatti dispone di un set di classi locale-aware che operano in modo differente in base al locale corrente. Queste classi, come Zend_Date per esempio o Zend_Currency, non necessitano esplicitamente di un paramento Zend_Locale per poter funzionare. È comunque possibile impostare manualmente il locale forzando l'utilizzo di uno differente da quello automatico passando. Stack Exchange network consists of 177 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack Exchang Sentrifugo is a FREE and powerful Human Resource Management System (HRMS) that can be easily configured to meet your organizational needs. - sapplica/sentrifug

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  1. Zend_Date unterstützt auch abgekürzte Monatsnamen in vielen Sprachen. Zend_Locale erleichert die Normalisierung von lokalisierten Monatsnamen und Wochentagen zu Zeitpunkten die umgekehrt auch wieder lokalisiert für andere Regionen übersetzt werden können
  2. Question about Zend_Date::addMonth(). Hello, When using Zend_Date::addMonth() function, I noticed that adding 1 month to january 31 2007 gives march 3 2007. What I expected was february 28..
  3. Fixes #6194 Requires: silverstripe/silverstripe-reports#59 silverstripe/silverstripe-cms#1734 silverstripe/silverstripe-testsession#43 Note: This PR removes about 1/4.
  4. When dates are manipulated, sometimes they cross over a DST change, normally resulting in the date losing or gaining an hour. For exmaple, when adding months to a date before a DST change, if the resulting date is after the DST change, then the resulting date will appear to lose or gain an hour, resulting in the time value of the date changing
  5. Locale model. Author: Magento Core Team <core@magentocommerce.com> Definition at line 32 of file Locale.php. Constructor & Destructor Documentation. __construct ($ locale = null ) Definition at line 82 of file Locale.php. Here is the call graph for this function: Member Function Documentation . _sortOptionArray ($ option ) [protected] Definition at line 304 of file Locale.php. Here is the.
  6. Jeder User im Forum verpflichtet sich zur Akzeptanz und zur Einhaltung dieser Regeln: Umgangston Ein angemessener höflicher Umgangston, ohne Beleidigungen, Beschimpfungen und aggressive Postings ist für jedes Mitglied Pflicht

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Créer un compte. Vous n'avez pas encore de compte Developpez.com ? L'inscription est gratuite et ne vous prendra que quelques instants ! Je m'inscris Bekomme die Expection Message: Could not determine temp directory, please specify a cache_dir manually bei Aufruf von Zend_Date In der application.ini ist die Konfiguration vom Cache aber integriert: resources.cachemanager.database.frontend.name = Core.. Hi, habe seit dem Update auf 5.2.5 diesen Fehler bei der Artikelbewertung. Man füllt alle Felder aus uns wenn man auf Speichern klickt kommt eine neue Seite mit den Fehler 503 Service Unavailable Jira Information Original Issue:ZF-12403 Issue Type:Bug Reporter:PowerKiKi Created:09/04/12 Assignee:Thomas Weidner Components:Zend_Date Zend_Locale Zend_Validate Description Date validation throw exception if the end-user enter custom v..

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Zend_Date::setOptions(array('fix_dst' => false)) kann benutzt werden um Hinzufügen oder Entfernen der Sommer-/Winterzeitanpassung zu gestatten wenn Datumsberechnungen durchgeführt werden. Monatsberechnungen. Wenn Monate von einem existierenden Datum hinzugefügt oder entfernt werden, kann der Ergebniswert des Monatstages unerwartet sein, wenn das Originaldatum auf einen Tag gefallen. The Zend_Date component offers a detailed, but simple API for manipulating dates and times. Its methods accept a wide variety of types of information, including date parts, in numerous combinations yielding many features and possibilities above and beyond the existing PHP date related functions. For the very latest manual updates, please see our online manual (frequently synced to Subversion) Zend Framework Community › Zend I18N/Locale. Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search. PHP DateObject (Author of Zend_Date) Thomas Weidner. Reply | Threaded. Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Re: PHP DateObject > The example worked for me using PHP 5.2.0 on Windows. > > I believe between 5.1.0 and 5.2.0 they renamed the class from Date > to DateTime or something. Wenn ich Zend_Date('26.08.2008') aufrufe habe ich kein Problem, allerdings schlägt der Validator an und meldet einen Fehler weil das Datum nicht im Format yyyy-MM-dd vorliegt. Ich hatte angenommen, dass hier auch die Einstellung locale aus der Registry genutzt wird wie bei Zend_Date, da der Validator intern ja auch Zend_Date nutzt.

Zend_Date::getDate() doesn't seem to return a clone in the DATE_MEDIUM format. Hello everybody, I began yesterday my experiences for the Zend_Date class and I encountered an not-understood..

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